Entry #2

I need some help!

2018-02-14 16:09:10 by Ketchupboi76

hey guys! imma back. and i have a question, WHERE CAN I GET FLASH ANIMATING SOFTWARE? See, my only way of making an animation is making one scratch.mit.edu , then recording it with the built-in project recorder, saving it, converting it to MP4, then pasting it on newgrounds. so, can somebody tell me plz where i can get flash-animating software?




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2018-02-14 16:23:09

I'm not sure, because I do art. But you can find out on YouTube, if you'd like.


2018-02-14 16:53:34

... Well, as a 'professional' I feel in the obligation to tell you Adobe Animation/Adobe Flash/Adobe After Effects is a to-pay program and the only way to get it legally is by buying it from Adobe themselves...

As a person who can't afford these ridiculous prices I cough a lot and I comment looking for youtube download videos is surprisingly effective, and also very subtly and now that nobody is listening, if you don't mind the possibility of the page being in spanish (although I am pretty sure you can install it in english), there's a certain webpage called 'recursosgraficosblog' in wordpress....................................


2018-02-15 12:36:52

I got my copy off ebay. See my news post for more on that. The new version(s) are pay per month, and could be affordable, but older versions are like normal software, where you load it up and it's yours as long as you keep it.

Also, there are other options available: